Web Scraping From Scratch With 3 Simple Steps

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Understand the structure of your target website

<section class="cex-table">
<section class="thead">
<div class="tr-wrapper">
<div class="tr-left">
<div class="tr">
<div style="flex:7" class="th">
<span class="cell">
<i class="sorting-icon">
<span class="cell-text">Asset</span>
<section class="tbody">
<section class="tr-section">
<a href="/price/bitcoin">
<div class="tr-wrapper">
<div class="tr-left">
<div class="tr">
<div style="flex:2" class="td">
<span class="cell cell-rank">
<div style="flex:7" class="td">
<span class="cell cell-asset">
<strong class="cell-asset-title">Bitcoin</strong>
<span class="cell-asset-iso">BTC</span>

Locate and parse the target data element with XPath

pip install requests pip install lxml
import requests 
from lxml import html
target_url = "https://www.coindesk.com/coindesk20"
result = requests.get(target_url)
payload = {"q" : "bitcoin", "s" : "relevant"} 
result = requests.get("https://www.coindesk.com/search", params=payload)
tree = html.fromstring(result.text)
table_header = tree.xpath("//section[@class='cex-table']/section[@class='thead']/div[@class='tr-wrapper']")
headers = table_header[0].xpath(".//span[@class='cell']/span[@class='cell-text']/text()")
'Market Cap',
'Total Exchange Volume',
'Returns (24h)',
'Total Supply',
'Value Proposition',
'Consensus Mechanism']
table_body = tree.xpath("//section[@class='cex-table']/section[@class='tbody']/section[@class='tr-section']")
records = [] for row in table_body: 
tokens = row.xpath(".//span[contains(@class, 'cell-asset-iso')]/text()")
ranks = row.xpath(".//span[contains(@class, 'cell-rank')]/strong/text()")
assets = row.xpath(".//span[contains(@class, 'cell-asset')]/strong/text()")
spans = row.xpath(".//div[contains(@class,'tr-right-wrapper')]/div/span[contains(@class, 'cell')]")
rest_cols = [span.text_content().strip() for span in spans]
row_data = ranks + tokens + assets + rest_cols
column_header = ["Rank", "Token"] + headers

Save the scraping result

import pandas as pd 
df = pd.DataFrame(records, columns=column_header)
import csv with open("token_price.csv", "w", newline="") as csvfile: 
writer = csv.writer(csvfile)
for row in records:

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